Saturday, 20 April 2013

Day 47 List of Symptoms

Not happy today.. while my family are all going out to to a family get together to see my little baby cousin for the first time I am sat at home feeling miserable.  The sun is shining and I have allowed TSW to ruin what could have been a lovely day.  Having spent another night clawing at my itchy skin till it becomes red and oozing I just don't feel like doing anything.  Yesterday I probably looked no worse than I do today yet went out met friends and had a great day out in the fresh air.  I think this is just going to be the nature of the withdrawals.  Some days you can be brave and overcome your insecurities and other days you want to hide.

I think I'm going through another flare at the moment all be it nothing like the initial.  Symptoms I have  experienced on and off are:

enlarged glands
temperature fluctuation
intense itch
very dry skin
red flushing on face
red spots that look like a rash
inflamed skin

I'm going to try and not get too down about given into TSW today.  On reflection my skin is gradually improving with ups and downs along the way.  I have to remind myself that I am less than seven weeks in and I know progress is slow.. then one day in the near future TSW will all be a distant memory like a bad dream I care to forget and I'll jump for joy and appreciate all life has to offer.. promise!!!


Friday, 12 April 2013

Pic's from week 3

These pictures were taken around week three of steroid cream withdrawal.  Note the dryness and pink tinge to my skin.  The scabs you can see are from scratching.  I would like to add I'm on week five now and my face is slowly improving each day. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day 33

I'm so happy that I am now over the first month of withdrawal from steroid cream.  Thought I would give a quick update on how my skin is doing.  I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised that my skin has been improving slowly each day.  I haven't had another flare like the first 1/2 weeks.  So I have been making the most of the improvements by going out and meeting friends.  It is at the back of my mind that a bad flare may be around the corner so I need to take advantage of the present.

My skin is still painfully dry and I'm still shedding lots of skin.   I have only been using vaseline which seems to be doing the trick.  I find as long as the area isn't flared the skin seems to tolerate the vaseline.  Nights have been a problem with the dreaded itch!  I have been taking sleeping pills on particularly bad nights and antihistamine to make me drowsy.  I usually wake up for an hour or two during the night scratching.  I am trying not to give myself a hard time about scratching as I am aware of how quickly skin can heal.  Problem areas are mainly where the most steroid creams were applied although I still have a red rashy area on the backs of my legs where I never applied any steroids.  My arms are still quite cut up though not as red and inflamed as they were initially and my chest is till causing me problems.

Through this experience so far I have to say I have had a lesson in vanity!  Going out with visibly red blotchy dry skin with no make up and hair scrapped back has been a challenge.  I try to remind myself that it won't be for ever and anyway people are far to consumed with there own issues to be bothered about my appearance.  At the most they may think to themselves 'oh look she has a problem with her skin' so what, I can deal with that... it could be worse a lot worse!

I'll post some progress pic's up soon!