Sunday, 20 October 2013

Good news for all who are going through TSW

Well it’s been seven months since I made the decision to stop using topical steroid and protopic cream.  The question is has it all been worth it?  The answer would have to be one big fat yes!!  I can honestly say it’s the best decision I have ever made. 

From those initial terrible first couple of months of withdrawal my skin has continued to improve day by day, with the occasional bump along the way.  My skin is now the best it has been for years.

·         Glands have gone down
·         Level of itchiness has improved
·         Only my neck, wrists and on occasion my arms are affected
·         I no longer flare after I drink alcohol
·         Flares are fewer and a lot less extreme
·         I’m back to working full time
·         My skin is not getting in the way of what I want to do
·         My skin texture has improved and I am using less and less Vaseline
·         My skin seems to produce more oil

I have noticed subtle differences too:
·         I can now wash my hair in the shower without the shampoo irritating my skin.  I hadn’t been able to do this for the past few years
·         Being able to use smelly sprays etc on hair without a reaction
·         Using make up without it irritating my skin
·         My lip are not as dry as they use to be
·         I no longer have a problem with dandruff
·         I can sometimes wear my hair back, before I would always wear it down with scarf to cover the damaged skin

Don’t get me wrong my skin is not perfect.  I still get mild flares affecting my neck and wrists.  I can understand my neck as this is where I put the majority of steroid cream on daily for years.  However my wrists for the past couple of months are cut up and get itchy which is new to me as I never had a problem with this area before.  Oh well I’ll put it down to the bumpy road which is TSW.

Stay strong everyone who is going through TSW!