Monday, 10 February 2014

my thoughts on moisturiser & skin update

Over the past few weeks my skin hasn’t been altogether happy.  Having had a good few months prior I was pretty bummed by this.  It started with my face starting to flush slightly and getting a little dry, followed by my eyes becoming swollen in the mornings.  Then I got a staph infection on my face and was on a course of antibiotics followed by a full on flare on my face.  Well the flare itself lasted for around 3 days followed by the usual cycle of drying out then flaking.  I am currently still in the very dried out parched skin stage.  I should add this is localised on my face/neck only.  The rest of my body I have silky smooth skin woop woop!!

I just wanted to mention my experience of using Vaseline as a moisturiser while going through withdrawal.  I found that I used it a lot during the first 3 months so I could move around more easily as my skin was terribly dry and sore.  I have to add at the time of application it use to make me flare initially and made my skin burn and become more irritable for the first 20 mins or so.  I felt at the time it was worth the initial reaction so I could have more supple skin once it calmed down.  The following few months were gradually improving skin and I found myself only needing to put moisturiser on the front of my neck as the rest of my body seemed to be producing more oils.  The last few weeks since my skin has been unsettled, I found again that through the increased dryness I was trying to put on more Vaseline which was then causing redness and irritability.

My conclusion is when my skin is flared or unsettled anything I put on it, in my case Vaseline (the tried and tested best option for me) makes my skin more irritable and likely to flare.  On the other hand when my skin is calm and in a good place I can put on Vaseline without any repercussions.  


  1. I'm glad you figured out what makes your skin more irritated. I am goin though a good patch at 6 month and I can only hope it will last longer - second flare after having it good seems horrible. Good luck in your fight!

  2. Hi Lainey, as TSW goes on, we get more in tune with our skin and we know what flares it and what doesn't. Sounds like you have a good idea of what irritates your skin. Hope you get a break from the flaring on your face soon. x

  3. Hi,
    Nice blog and sharing on the moisturizer info. I've always advocated that continually moisturizing is something that is not natural and does not help the natural skin feedback mechanism. Have added your blog to my blogroll too. Take care!


  4. Hi, the skin is super hypersensitive during tsw which is just one of many reasons why one shouldn't moisturize during tsw. If you get time check out my post on Vaseline.