Saturday, 22 March 2014

One year Off Topical Steroids and Protopic

Well the long awaited one year mark of topical steroid addiction and withdrawal has been and gone.  To celebrate I invited out a few of my closest friends for a ‘Madhatters Tea Party’ at my local pub.  We got to dress up in over the top hats and feast on cakes and cocktails. It was something different and enjoyable and I felt it was important to celebrate this milestone.

Since the last big flare on my face a few weeks ago, that I documented in recent posts, I have completely stopped using Vaseline as a moisturiser.  I am now entering week 5 of no moisturiser and I would say that my skin is no worse for stopping.  In fact my skin seems in slightly better condition.  After the last bad flare I just decided to stop.  Initially the skin on my face and neck (where I used Vaseline) was very dry and taught and then after the first couple of weeks it began to improve and be less dry.  So currently I have little dry patches on my face that come and go.  The dry areas are no worse than when I was on moisturiser in fact they have improved and the skin seems in overall better condition.  My face is still sensitive and I have mini flares on and off throughout the week.  This results in slightly red blotchy appearance which is usually worse in the mornings and then improves during the day.  The skin around my eyes is also sensitive and I don’t seem to be tolerating make-up as well as I usually do.  In the mornings they are sometimes puffy and the lines are more visible than usual... given the look of an old hag! J  I am trying not to let this get to me, even though it makes me self conscious, as experience has taught me this is a faze and it will pass eventually.

On another positive note the rest of my body has completely healed, I have nice smooth supple skin.  I may get ever so slightly rashy in my inner arms every few days; however, this disappears within a day or so and doesn’t bother me.  The other major change I have noticed is the level of itchiness has all but disappeared.  The only place I get occasionally itchy is my problem areas on my face and neck.  It is so minimum now and I don’t even see it as a problem.  This is huge when I take the time to remember the years I spent itchy and especially over the past couple of years going through the addicted stage and withdrawal process I was demented with the itch!


  1. Hey there..thanks for sharing your experience with not moisturizing. If its ok, i'd like to quote your experience on mw on my blog (i curate information related to MW extensively). Take care!


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