Wednesday, 22 April 2015

More good news... I'm healed!

It's been 25 months since I last used topical steroids and immune suppressant creams. I have fallen into the category of not blogging due to my skin getting better sorry!  Oh well better later than never :) I can honestly say that it has been months since I have had any problems with my skin. I believe I was healed at around the 15 month mark.  It's been amazing and I still have to pinch myself to believe how far I have come in the last couple of years.  I won't bore you with my history of topical steroid use, it's there in my previous blogs if you want to take a look.

From being told I had incurable eczema where I had to use topical steroids every day to keep my skin under control and plaster liquid paraffin on continuously.  Low and behold after stopping topical steroids all those months ago I am now healed and not sure if I even have eczema anymore!

No longer do I have to put up with:
Intense itching
Incredibly dry skin
Being sensitive to everything I came into contact with
Strange skin issues
The embarrassment

I now keep things simple with my skin. I don't use moisturiser or any other fancy products on my skin as my skin now produces its own natural oils anyway. I think I'll continue to have slightly sensitive skin as I have had this all my life. The difference now is I keep things simple and it no longer causes me any problems. I also eat what I want and it seems to make no real difference to my skin.

I am a 100% believer that the overuse of topical steroid and immune suppressant creams can have an adverse affect on skin, I’m living proof of this. Withdrawal was not an easy route  though I can assure you when your skin gets better you don't remember or dwell on the bad times.  I am so happy to have stumbled across others people's blogs and the itsan website that drew my attention to topical steroid addiction.  It literally saved me from a lifetime of terrible skin problems. I can't thank you all enough for your efforts!