Wednesday, 22 April 2015

More good news... I'm healed!

It's been 25 months since I last used topical steroids and immune suppressant creams. I have fallen into the category of not blogging due to my skin getting better sorry!  Oh well better later than never :) I can honestly say that it has been months since I have had any problems with my skin. I believe I was healed at around the 15 month mark.  It's been amazing and I still have to pinch myself to believe how far I have come in the last couple of years.  I won't bore you with my history of topical steroid use, it's there in my previous blogs if you want to take a look.

From being told I had incurable eczema where I had to use topical steroids every day to keep my skin under control and plaster liquid paraffin on continuously.  Low and behold after stopping topical steroids all those months ago I am now healed and not sure if I even have eczema anymore!

No longer do I have to put up with:
Intense itching
Incredibly dry skin
Being sensitive to everything I came into contact with
Strange skin issues
The embarrassment

I now keep things simple with my skin. I don't use moisturiser or any other fancy products on my skin as my skin now produces its own natural oils anyway. I think I'll continue to have slightly sensitive skin as I have had this all my life. The difference now is I keep things simple and it no longer causes me any problems. I also eat what I want and it seems to make no real difference to my skin.

I am a 100% believer that the overuse of topical steroid and immune suppressant creams can have an adverse affect on skin, I’m living proof of this. Withdrawal was not an easy route  though I can assure you when your skin gets better you don't remember or dwell on the bad times.  I am so happy to have stumbled across others people's blogs and the itsan website that drew my attention to topical steroid addiction.  It literally saved me from a lifetime of terrible skin problems. I can't thank you all enough for your efforts!


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    1. Thanks... I hope you are near the end too x

  2. Well done Lainey!. Glad that's you on the other side now!.

  3. Hi, I'm new to your blog, 3 months into tsw and 6 days into mw, and it's a huge relief and positivity booster to read you last post! CONGRATULATIONS on your great skin health!! :)

    Last week, 8 weeks into tsw, my face started oozing pretty badly, I kept slathering it in emollient ointment, and then it hit me that even the moisturisers weren't working anymore, so I started MW.
    Yesterday I had my first big 'flake' where all the old/dead skin started coming off my face. It felt amazing! Today I had my first shower (short and tepid) since started MW and my face feels like it did two days ago BUT I'm trying to keep upbeat, as I think the hard skin covering isn't as bad as it was at first. I'm guessing it's going to flake off and rebuild repeatedly until the new skin underneath is happy.

    I'm trying everything to kick start my skin into producing its own lovely oils. I'm staying off the moisturisers, taking flaxseed and cod liver oil, and resting plenty. Unfortunately I'm in the north of England so there isn't much sun ;) Do you have any other tips?

    Thanks, from your trying-to-be-patient blog follower and again, well done :) :)

  4. I wish I could give you some helpful tips on some great product however in my experience leaving my skin alone always worked best. I know it's difficult to be patient, it can be so frustrating. Time is the best healer. It took my skin a couple of months stopping using moisturiser to start looking okay. Good luck!

  5. I am wondering if my daughter could be going through this shes been repeatedly given steroid cream varying in strength for the last 10 or so years, she is constantly in pain and just red like sunburn what do you think

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